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1982 vol.1-2-3

 Change of distributor, from Tunecore to MEI Digital (now Sona Digital); the three EPs were released on 7, 13 and 20/03/2022                           Cambio di distributore, da Tunecore a MEI Digital (oggi SonaDigital); i tre EP sono stati distribuiti il 7, il 13 ed i l 20/03/2022 

 vol. 1               vol. 2              vol. 3 
 TitleMinSec TitleMinSec TitleMinSec 
 Junker Time Dream151 Love Song140 No Girls143 
 Cast Out151 TV Hero145 Progress145 
 When You’re Sleeping150 SelF Made Man145 Toys145 
 Infinite151 Where’s Love145 Future World145